The Bellydance Academy is a Belly Dance Studio where people can come to study, rehearse, explore, get fit with and meditate to the Art of Belly Dance. We enjoy our time at The Bellydance Academy very much and love the community within it.

Although our offering of Belly Dance instruction began in 2008, in March of 2009 we officially opened for Belly Dance Classes at The Bellydance Academy's current location of 2938 Delaware Avenue in the Village of Kenmore, New York. Our mission is to increase body and mind, health and fitness thru the Art of Belly Dance. We offer Traditional to Modern and Tribal Styles of Belly Dance Classes as well as Bollywood/Bhangra Classes, Yoga Classes, and Belly Fitness Classes. Our Belly Dance Studio offers our participants opportunities to express Belly Dance in both class and performance settings.

Our first official event at The Bellydance Academy was bringing Darshan in for "Two Workshops and a Show", April 18, 2009. Later that year we hosted The Durga Tour which featured Tempest, Tim Rayborn & Asharah, June 13, 2009. We closed our first year by bringing in Sera Solstice for "Two Workshops and a Show", on November 9, 2009. On November 14, 2010, we hosted Workshops from Bellydance Superstar's Petite Jamilla & Lauren during their Bombay Bellywood Tour. On May 22, 2011, we hosted a special workshop by Ruby Beh "Swifti Chifti" and "Private Floor Work". On July 31, 2011 we hosted the lovely and very talented Irina Akulenko for an Ooey Gooey Torso Workshop and Performance at Babeville's Asbury Hall. In May 2012 we hosted the fabulous Zoe Jakes for three days of "Master Zoe Workshops" and a Hafla/Performance that included Maria Hamer. Two more workshop events in July & August. Sera Solstice instructed an advanced "Weekend Intensive" followed by a Hafla/Performance, July 14 & 15, 2012. The beautiful Ruby Beh for "Belly Dance Advancement Workshops & Hafla/Performance, August 19, 2012, and we ended the year with the fabulous Moria Chappell on November 10, 2012, she gave a Belly Dance Boot Camp Survival Guide Workshop full of incredible knowledge that every dancer could use.

We have, since the above mentioned, continued to bring fabulous Middle Eastern Dance Educational Progams into the Western NY area, including several Intensives with Jill Parker and Hot Pot ITS vis Joanna Able & Jo Boring. We continue to participate in an annual Winter Hafla, every January, at the 9th Ward, inside Ani Difranco's Babeville.

Belly Dancers Buffalo NY


Jill Nykkei
Director, Instructor, Choreographer, AFAA Certified Aerobics, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, and has earned Certification of Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ which is a technique-based approach program, developed by Rachel Brice, and is continuing her studies of 8 Elements as well as Sadie Marquardt's Raqs Flow Belly Dance Certification. Jill has studied with many Masters of Belly Dance, including both Zoe Jakes, Jill Parker, Amy Sigil & Rachel Brice, every year (sometimes multiple times a year), since 2007. Jill's influences are strongly rooted in Traditional Belly Dance, Tribal Belly Dance, Polynesian/Tahitian Dance, Bhangra Dance, Bollywood Dance/Indian Fusion Dance. Jill pulls from her over twenty years of experience as a Visual Artist (Photographer, Commercial Designer and Fine Art Artist) when creating choreographies. Prior to Belly Dance Jill studied Ballet, Tap and Jazz.. Jill's classes are intended to direct your body into learning essential muscle memory, and building range of motion, for both simple to complex Belly Dance moves, with drills, layering techniques, wicked fun combinations, and upbeat choreographies. She is also a founding member of Fleuron Rouge Belly Dance and also instructs throughout Western New York for The Bellydance Academy. INSTRUCTING CLASSES IN TRADITIONAL BELLY DANCE, FUSION BELLY DANCE, BELLY DANCE FITNESS, TAHITIAN & BOLLYWOOD/BHANGRA

Namas-Kay Yoga
Instructor in Yoga. Kay has been studying Yoga most of her life. Recently she pilgrimage to India to study Yoga in it's original form. She took a six week intensive to be certified in India to instruct Yoga. This immusion in India does structure Yoga closer to it's original form, unlike the certifications found in the US. She has been carefully organizing Yoga practices that she feels are most essential and adapting them to today's US lifestyle. INSTRUCTING CLASSES IN TRADITIONAL YOGA FOR TODAY'S LIFESTYLE

Nahara Mar
Instructor and Zill Master. Nahara brings much experience to The Bellydance Academy with her history of Belly Dancing in Restaurants and Night Clubs, her years as a Tai Chi Instructor, and her many Black Belts, including Isshinryu style Karate. Her dance techniques are very traditional with her freestyle movements to the music in the air. This style of structured core movements instead of memorized choreographies is an art form in its own. She is also a founding member of Fleuron Rouge Belly Dance. INSTRUCTING CLASSES IN TRADITIONAL BELLY DANCE & ZILLS


Samantha Shey
Instructor & Choreographer. Samantha was a Tale of Two Cities Belly Dancer (New York & Buffalo). When she is in the Western NY area, she instructs at The Bellydance Academy. Her classes exhume her lifelong experience in both dance and theatre. Along with detailed explanations and breakdowns of basic Belly Dance movements, Samantha likes to work abs as well as layering drills in her classes. Gypsy Skirt Techniques are one of Samantha's favorite's and many strong points. Prior to Belly Dance Samantha has studied many dance styles including Tap, Modern and Israeli Folk Dance. She has been featured in dance festivals throughout New York State including New York City and the surrounding boroughs. She is also a founding member of Fleuron Rouge Belly Dance. INSTRUCTING

Bonzai Love
Instructor and Poi Master. Ms. Bonzai is a co-director and core performer of Spun Out Fire Productions. She has been performing/touring Poi/Fire Spinning with Spun Out Fire Productions for quite some time, as well as a key dancer at The Belly Dance Academy. She is also a favorite guest dancer in Fleuron Rouge Belly Dance. Bonzai is also an extremely talented visual fine-art Artist. INSTRUCTING CLASSES IN POI SPINNING

Instructor & Butt Kicker. Question: What do you get when you take a very talented dancer, mix her with The Buffalo Jill's Cheerleaders and Military Style Boot-Camp Training? Answer... We are not saying. Come to one of Krystal's classes and find out for yourself. She is also a key performing member of Fleuron Rouge. INSTRUCTING CLASSES IN BELLY DANCE BOOTCAMP, BELLY DANCE & CORE DRILLING

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